Repair Clamps

Repair Clamps

Due to advanced manufacturing techniques and in-house engineering, we can realize a short time to market and high quality levels for a variety products.

Flexible and light weight

Our Stainless Steel Repair Clamps have a rigid and light weight flexible construction which are the ideal characteristics used to repair different types of water and gas pipes. All clamps are manufactured with high quality AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel in a large amount of ranges. All types of repair clamps are available with normed rubber EPDM, EPDM-150°C, NBR and Viton gaskets.

Our Transitional Couplings are manufactured according to customer specifications and used to repair leaks in pipe joints. Transitional couplings can be manufactured in stainless steel or steel with resicoat.

One-Part Clamps - Type L

One-part clamps are repair clamps consisting of one shell and are mainly used for the repair of smaller pipes up to Ø360 mm. These clamps have a maximum range of 10 mm with respect to the pipe diameter:

  • Width up to 600 mm
  • Coated bolts
  • Can be ordered in any quantity

Multiple-Part Clamps - Type L

Multiple-part clamps consist of two or more shells and are used for the repair of pipes with a diameter of 90 mm and larger. Multiple-part clamps have a bigger range than one part-clamps and are therefore more flexible in application.

  • Width starting at 200 mm
  • Coated bolts
  • Can be ordered in any quantity

Transitional Coupling - Type OK

Transitional couplings are used for the repair of leaks on pipe joints. These couplings always consist of two separate shells that are bolted together around the leaking joint. Transitional Couplings have no range deviation and therefore always have to be engineered to customer specifics.

  • Engineered to customer specifications
  • Available with Resicoat (KIWA certified) or stainless steel AISI 304 or 316